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Start marketing with Moc Web Marketing as your Digital Marketing agency. As a Google Ads Certified Specialist, we have the knowledge and experience to jumpstart your business.

Ready to grow your business? Request your 14 day free trail for Ads to get started!

Your Online Marketing Agency

Start marketing with Moc Web Marketing as your Digital Marketing agency. As a Google Ads Certified Specialist, we have the knowledge and experience to jumpstart your business.

Ready to grow your business? Request your 14 day free trail for Ads to get started!

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Here is a brief overview of the services we offer.


Yelp is integrated into a variety of vehicles, lists and search engines, need help setting up your Yelp page or interesting in Yelp ads? We can help with that!

Apple Maps

Want to add your business to Apple Maps? Plenty of potential clients search for businesses using their Apple Maps or Apple Car play.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns are one of the best ways to maintain contact with your clients or notify them of new offers. Set up a campaign to span over several weeks or send out updates now!

Why Moc Web Marketing?

We Drive Cost Effective Results!

Case Study

We had a client reach out to us asking for help getting the word out about a wellness retreat for his Non Profit. With a two week time limit and a $500 ads budget, we were able to get his message in front of 70 THOUSAND PEOPLE! Even better, we had optimized the campaign so well, we were able to also drive traffic to his website at a Cost Per Click 55% Less Than industry standard!

For Reference, the industry standard CPM, or cost per 1000 reach, across the market is $7.77. We were able to bring down the cost by more than 50% to an average of $3.29. These savings doubled the expected reach of our campaign, and doubled the expected traffic to our clients site.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in the simplest of terms is the art and science of exposing potential customers to a business or service.

Why is marketing an art?

Marketing needs to have some creative aspects to attract potential customers. This is most obviously seen in commercials, YouTube, Facebook ads etc. Visually, the product or service needs to be appealing, compelling, and the potential customer has to have some need for the product or service. Trying to sell a pen to someone who has a surplus of them or prefers to use a pencil tends to have poor results. Effective marketing finds the correct target market or audience and places the product or service in front of that audience, when they are most likely to buy.

Why is marketing a science?

Marketing is also a numbers game. On average, if you randomly place your product or service in front of 2000 people, only 1200 will actually pay attention and “see” the listing. Of those 1200 people, 120 may be interested in the product or service you provide, 12 will make some effort to learn more, and only 1 will convert into a customer. The science aspect comes into play with the behind the scenes testing. These tests will show what creative ad or listing will convert the best, which is where optimization comes in. This testing also helps find the best target audience to convert into customers. These processes also take time which is why results sometimes don't begin to show until weeks after the campaign begins.

How does Digital Marketing work?

There are many different ways of marketing a particular product or service, some of which include: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has several components to it and are used to tackle different needs.

Local SEO is the process of creating local listings, citations, and management of directories. This process helps search engines understand what your business does, where it is, and who it services. The more listings, citations, and directories your business is in, the more trustworthy your business will appear to search engines. From there, it moves to on page optimization.

On page optimization is the technical component of SEO. Here, the search engine ranks how well put together the website is from a computer standpoint. This takes into account the content of the webpage and the back end programming side. If the search engine doesn't know what content your page has, it won't be able to present it to people searching for it.

Off page optimization is the community aspect on your website. For this, search engines check to see how well known your business is, how often you interact with clients on social media, and any references from other businesses. This third aspect is sometimes more difficult to tackle because it may involve reaching out to other businesses to publish content about your business. This is more easily done over social media but requires more involvement, content creation, and testing.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising also has different facets but they more so depend on the objective of the campaign. These objectives could be brand awareness, product awareness, direct keyword targeting, or simply used as a tool to bring the appearance of life to your business.

Discovery campaigns, as we call them, are used to build brand awareness. This advertising method leverages the audience networks of Google, Bing, Facebook and more. Discovery campaigns are perfect for businesses that already have some idea of who their target customers are, and want those potential customers to be made aware of the product or service. Normally these campaigns best serve businesses that offer some type of one use product. When someone thinks “oh no I have a spill” they think Bounty. Same concept goes for Charmin, Coke, or Dawn dish soap.

Shopping campaigns are best when your business has one particular product that you want to increase sales for. For example, say you own a bike store and specifically want to increase sales of blue children's bicycles. A shopping campaign would make sure that your business and product are listed across as many applicable shopping platforms as possible and placing targeted ads within those platforms.

Keyword targeting is what most people are familiar with. This is when someone places a search into a search engine and an ad shows up near the top. This can be very cost effective or it can get a little pricey depending on the competition for that keyword. This process is basically an auction where the highest bidder with relevant keywords gets placed at the top of the page. Plenty of testing has to go into this campaign to see what content converts the best and is best used in conjunction with other methods.

Video campaigns are great for companies that have clientele but want to breathe new life into their business. These campaigns involve retargeting visitors to your webpage and are used to demonstrate, visually, what your business stands for.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is currently taking the marketing world by storm. These campaigns can involve Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. These campaigns allow you to build audiences and client bases like never before and allow you to interact with them in unprecedented ways. Search engines also leverage social media and content creation to validate your business and page. Community outreach is huge in this space and it helps show a more personable aspect of your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are still the most effective ways to close and convert your audience base. If you already have a list of clients and want to tell them about a new product, service, want to give them an update, or just put them on an automated sales campaign, this is the way to go. These campaigns do involve testing but the results and conversion rates are still some of the best in marketing. To set up an email marketing campaign takes a bit more time in the front end as you have to write and check every email before launching the campaign, but once its set up, you can automatically add clients to the list and they'll be part of the newsletter stream or sales campaign.

The best results are actually achieved with some combination of these campaigns and is often why we ask to learn about your business and the desired outcomes. It’s not always the most effective way to just set up a random campaign and expect it to do well, that's why some other marketing companies let you buy into their service with little effort, but you never see results. You wouldn't go to a doctor who prescribed treatment without hearing the issues or what ails you. Here at Moc Web Marketing, each package is tailored to each individual business's needs, wants, and goals. If any of this sounds like it may be of use to your business, let us know by clicking on the Get Started button below which will take you to our Contact Us page. Let us know what services you may be interested in and one of our project managers will reach out to get more information to help build that custom campaign for your business.

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